Writing Again

Well, as I kind of expected, I completely fell through on my plans to write something weekly. Or whatever that goal was. I have done a fair bit of writing in a notebook, but not much of that has made it onto this blog. I have a new project in mind, though, and I might post some of it here.

I’ve decided to take part in Teachers Write this year. I played around with it a few years ago, and then last year I left town and disconnected from the internet around the time it started, but this year I want to try to commit a little more fully. I know I’ll have a hard time since I also need to work full time and pack up my apartment, but writing makes me happier when I’m stressed, so I really plan to stick with it. I also plan to be a day behind. Since the main Teachers Write blog comes from the USA, and I’m in the UK, I won’t see the morning posts until I get home from work, and sometimes I know I’ll sometimes want to write in the mornings. So I might just shift everything back by a day. But I also don’t want to completely fall behind. It’s Monday, the first day of Teachers Write, and I don’t have time to do the mini-lesson before I need to go to sleep, but I will do this week’s Monday Morning Warm-Up. So here it is:

My Plan for Teachers Write, 2014.

I plan to write about my time teaching here, in London, and compare to my teaching from back home. It doesn’t feel like an exciting topic, and I feel annoyed with myself for not writing as much about what I saw throughout my time here, but I still want to get it down. My experience here has been so different from my teaching experience at home. I can’t say that teaching in England is drastically different from teaching in Canada. I’ve taught at one school in each country and I know that those schools don’t represent the entire country. But, oh my goodness, those two experiences have been so different from each other.

I want to write this story because I have strong feelings and ideas about teaching and what education should look like, and I’ve had to reassess and rework those feelings and ideas several times this year. I think the beauty of this story will be where I always find the beauty in stories about school. The beauty will be in the kids. The beauty will be in the ways I got to know them, the things they learned, the grown-up people I think they might turn into. And the beauty will also be somewhere inside me. It will be in the things I learned about myself and about teaching over here in this school system that’s completely different from the one I’m used to. It will be in the mistakes I made and, I hope, in the ways that those mistakes will make me a better teacher. It will be in my view through the window of the train I take every morning and evening, or through the top front window of a double decker bus when I manage to score a top front seat.

Because I want to write about real people and real schools, I don’t know how much I’ll end up posting here. I hope I can find some that are okay to share. Stories get a little bored and can turn into boring stories when they spend all of their time alone in a notebook.

So, that’s my plan for the next few weeks. I’m too tired to proofread this post. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find a few mistakes but for today, I think I’m just going to sign off. Goodnight!


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