I can totally relate to Chally’s post on menstration. I think I need to read more of her blog.

I just got my period on Wednesday. I think the last time I got it was at the beginning of the November, so maybe this one is early, but I don’t know for sure because I can never remember when I get my period from once cycle to the next. Sometimes I’ll think to myself, “Gee, I wonder when I’ll next get my period,” and still be completely surprised later that day when I go to the washroom and see blood in the toilet. Even the extra zits on my face don’t clue me in.

That’s one of my major problems with periods. I know that they aren’t dirty or disgusting, but they are messy. I’ve ruined more than a few pairs of undies because my period came on a day I wasn’t expecting it, or I did expect it but I forgot to put my diva cup in, or my diva cup leave leaked, or I forgot to empty it. And once you bleed on your undies, unless you can soak them right away, that’s it. The stain stays there forever. I have a growing collection of period panties that will keep growing until I remember to actually wear them when I’m on my period.

I’ve come close to ruining bedsheets too. Once, when I was twelve or so, I got my period on a sleepover at a friend’s house. I didn’t know if she’d ever had hers and I felt too embarrassed to bring it up, so I just shoved toilet paper into my underwear and hoped no one would notice the giant blood stain on the sheets in the pull out bed in her tv room until after I had left. Since then, I don’t think I’ve really messed up any sheets, but I know I’ve come close a few times. And a couple times I’ve gotten stained pants.

So the mess part is annoying. And the cramps suck. They don’t last long for me, but there’s no knowing when they’ll strike, and taking Advil doesn’t help instantly. I do most of my teaching standing up, but if I have to teach with cramps, I’ll sit and try my best not to hug my knees to my chest. If a student asks if something is wrong, I’ll usually tell them. I don’t see any more benefit to hiding cramps that I see to hiding feeling crappy from a cold or an injury.

And that’s the one thing that i don’t mind about my periods: talking about them. The zits annoy me a bit I hate the mess and I hate ruining clothes and I hate the cramps, but I don’t mind the stories. If only the rest of the world was fine with hearing about them.


4 Comments on “Periods.”

  1. Chally says:

    Thank you. What I find quite fun by way of keeping track of my period is using an online period tracker, which keeps all the data collected for me.

  2. zweisatz says:

    I also wanted to suggest writing it down. It’s not hard to keep track but you are right: if you are not the kind of person who writes things down regularly, it will be difficult to get any useful information.

    Apart from that: I think it’s cool you don’t “protect” people (or pupils) from knowing about your cramps. There’s enough of that out there.

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